• Total running time 81min

It’s hard to comprehend the full form of a duck without finding its eye and looking into it. A surreal journey into the realm of the uncanny, this programme veers into horror – from screaming calves and eerie premonitions to nightmarish mirrors and monstrous puddings. Featuring Rachel Maclean (Make Me Up), visual artist Diego Marcon, and Sophie Littman (Sudden Light, Jellyfish).

Know the Grass – Dir Sophie Littman
Culling - Dir Matty Crawford
upside mimi ᴉɯᴉɯ uʍop – Dir Rachel Maclean
A Film About A Pudding – Dir Roel Van Beek
Fields of the Bygonese – Dir Milo Creese
Calving – Dir Louis Bhose
The Parents’ Room – Dir Diego Marcon