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Laurel and Hardy

January 2019

We celebrate the most successful comedy duo in cinema with a season of their best shorts and features.

Introduction by Lead Programmer Justin Johnson

Laurel and Hardy


“We did a lot of crazy things in our pictures, but we were always real”
Oliver Hardy

Our Comedy Genius season draws to a close with this rare opportunity to focus on the greatest comedy duo of all time, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy – a dream partnership that united a disciplined, thoughtful Englishman from Ulverston in the Lake District and a pompous but likeable American from Harlem, Georgia. Both worked for producer Hal Roach and his studio independently until he brought them together. He managed their very successful transition from silents to talkies right up until 1940 when, feeling creatively stifled, they left. Their output with Roach represents their best work – and in this season we concentrate on that period.

Justin Johnson


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