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Ingmar Bergman

The Last Gasp (aka The Last Cry)

Sista skriket

Bergman’s rarely seen TV film, and a screening of Bergman’s study of faces (including those of his family).

Image from The Last Gasp (aka The Last Cry)

Sweden 1995
Dir Ingmar Berman
With Ingvar Kjellson, Björn Granath, Anna von Rosen
English subtitles

In this rarely seen TV film, Bergman imagines a meeting between two real-life figures in the Swedish film world during the silent era: director Georg af Klercker, down on his luck and embittered, and Charles Magnusson, powerful boss of Svenska Bio studios. Affection and animosity, nostalgia and desperation inflect their conversation as Bergman reflects on the clash of creative integrity and industry.

+ Karin’s Face (Karins ansikte)
Sweden 1984. Dir Ingmar Berman. 14min
A small masterpiece consisting entirely of family photos, in which Bergman looks for signs of personality in facial expressions.


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