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Kurt & Courtney

Nick Broomfield investigates the tragic death of Kurt Cobain.

Unfortunately, Nick Broomfield is no longer able to attend for a Q&A following this screening. We apologise for any disappointment.

Image from Kurt & Courtney

UK 1998
Dir Nick Broomfield
Certificate 15

An investigation into the death of Kurt Cobain follows allegations that the Nirvana superstar may have been murdered. As Broomfield follows various leads, he finds himself pursuing Cobain’s wife Courtney Love and questioning her commitment to free speech. Broomfield single-handedly changed the face of documentary film with his minimal crew and ability to weave himself into the film’s narrative. His contribution to the modern documentary is immeasurable.

+ Proud to Be British
UK 1973. 28min
A wry but ultimately troubling examination of British attitudes in the Home Counties.