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Klaus Lutz: Performances for Screens

Discover the work of this enigmatic Swiss artist, and prepare to have your mind blown.

Image from Klauz Lutz: Performances for Screens

Total runtime c90min

The fascinating, enigmatic film work of Swiss artist Klaus Lutz (1940-2009), never before shown in the UK, lies somewhere between the meditations of a recluse and the fantasies of a utopian visionary. Speaking to the earliest origins of cinema, his films are reminiscent of those of Georges Méliès and Charlie Chaplin, with overtones of both the Russian avant-garde and the Bauhaus. Curated and presented by Lutz’s friend and peer, artist Hannes Schüpbach, the films – which harness performance, animation and intricate multiple exposure – range from single-screen work to 16mm double-projections on to both a screen and a large white balloon, creating convex, circular images.

A Projections touring programme by Tyneside Cinema, supported by the Swiss Cultural Fund UK.

Image from Swiss Cultural Fund UK      Image from Swiss Cultural Fund UK


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