Art in the Making

Kites, Paper Aeroplanes and the Allure of Flight

Feel elevated, amused and inspired by this curated selection of films about flight.

Image from Kites, Paper Aeroplanes and the Allure of Flight

Total runtime 75min

To escape gravity and embrace the lift of the wind and air is a magical call that has inspired many film and TV makers, pushing their work in unexpected, unlikely directions. The creative imagination meshes with the unpredictable qualities of the weather system across the titles in our selection. See kites being made and flown in an impressionistic Arts Council documentary scored by Ron Geesin. Discover how to make an origami pteranodon in an informative TV item. Witness the eccentric Doctor Who-like Mr Trimble talk to his friends about birds and paper aeroplanes in his 1973 children’s Yorkshire TV programme, and be warned about the risks of kite flying courtesy of a scary public information film. Experience all this and more in a programme designed to elevate, amuse and inspire you.