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Stanley Kubrick

The Killing

Kubrick’s compelling heist movie jumps between timelines and boasts fantastic performances.

Image from The Killing

USA 1956
Dir Stanley Kubrick
With Sterling Hayden, Coleen Gray, Vince Edwards
35mm (2, 10 May), Digital (22 May)
Certificate PG

Kubrick’s prior experience paid off when he delivered this compelling heist movie about an ex-con who brings a gang of criminals together for one last job; to rob millions from a racetrack. With the narrative of the film jumping backwards and forwards, and an impressive cast, the film didn’t realise its full potential at the box office but was rewarded with critical acclaim.

+ Day of the Fight
USA 1951. Dir Stanley Kubrick. 16min
Kubrick the photographer becomes a film director as he portrays Bronx middle-weight Walter Cartier’s pre-fight routine.

+ Flying Padre
USA 1951. Dir Stanley Kubrick. 9min
An RKO documentary follow-up to Day of the Fight, this follows Reverend Fred Stadtmuller as he flies around his 4000sq-mile parish in New Mexico.


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