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Ingmar Bergman
A definitive film season

January-March 2018

Our comprehensive, three-month survey marks the centenary of the birth of Ingmar Bergman, one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

Introduction by season programmer Geoff Andrew

Ingmar Bergman


Part 1

“Bergman’s connection with the audience was somewhat like Hitchcock’s – direct, immediate”
Martin Scorsese

Though he also excelled in theatre, Bergman is best known for his work in film and television. The ultimate auteur, he wrote and directed profoundly personal projects notable for their honesty in tackling the ‘big questions’ of everyday existence. How do we live with ourselves and others? Is there an order behind our unjust universe? Can love, sex, compassion and creative endeavour help, given death’s inevitability? Drawing on his own experiences and emotions, Bergman was a fearless, peerless explorer of human psychology. Making repeated use of a group of formidable actors, and refining his narrative and visual style until it focused – in sharp close-up – on essentials, he forged an extraordinary body of work, exhilarating in its dramatic precision, purity and power. Our groupings of his films highlight his abiding preoccupations.

Geoff Andrew


See Liv Ullmann in conversation, our screenings of Persona and our Future Film recommends choices.

Coming in part two in Feb: The Touch, The Seventh Seal, Torment, Face to Face and many more...

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