• Director

    Leslie Arliss

  • With

    Beryl Baxter, Michael Rennie, Christine Norden, Miles Malleson

  • UK 1948. 97min

  • 35mm

  • Certificate


‘Wickeder than The Wicked Lady,’ claimed the publicity for this costume melodrama, and by throwing in everything from whipping to bodice-ripping, Idol of Paris certainly pushed the genre to the height of campness. It recounts the progress of a ragman’s daughter to the Paris high-life, exploited by a stream of seedy men along the way. The film set out to launch a new star but Beryl Baxter’s career didn’t take off and this remains her only major role. She gives a game performance but the blonde allure of Christine Norden steals the film, with assistance from the extravagant period costumes by Honoria Plesch.