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John Hurt

TV: I, Claudius: Zeus by Jove! + Treats

A bloody and ruthless episode of the classic TV series, screening alongside a forgotten gem.

Image from TV: I, Claudius: Zeus by Jove! + Treats

I, Claudius: Zeus by Jove!

BBC 1976
Dir Herbert Wise
With John Hurt, Derek Jacobi, Margaret Tyzak, George Baker

Episode eight of the popular series charts Emperor Caligula’s violent – and controversially gory – descent into madness. Caligula (Hurt) has his uncle murdered and, believing himself to have metamorphosed into the god Zeus, plays out a terrible Greek myth. Hurt is both mesmerising and terrifying in his bravura portrayal of one of history’s bloodiest Emperors.


The Sunday Drama. Yorkshire TV 1977
Dir John Frankau
With John Hurt, Tom Conti, Kate Nelligan

In this beautifully observed study of a ménage à trois, Christopher Hampton provides a taught and insightful script and, in the hands of this remarkable cast, his dialogue crackles with a vicious and merciless edge. A forgotten gem of a play.


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