Japan 2021

Ichi the Killer

Koroshiya 1

Proceed with caution! Takashi Miike’s controversial, boundary-pushing gangster horror-comedy is not for the faint of heart.

Image from Ichi the Killer

Japan 2001
Dir Takashi Miike
With Tadanobu Asano, Nao Ohmori, Shinya Tsukamoto
English subtitles
Certificate 18

A hitman goes on a killing and torturing spree in order to find out who kidnapped his boss in this adaptation of Hideo Yamamoto’s ultraviolent manga comic Koroshiya 1a. Miike’s wildest cinematic ride is also one of his most disturbing: this boundary-pushing gangster horror-comedy infamously required many BBFC cuts on original release. Filmmaker Shinya Tsukamoto – whose seminal body-horror cyberpunk creations like Tetsuo the Iron Man inspired much of Miike’s work and other filmmakers during the J-horror boom of the 90s-00s – is cast as Ichi’s handler.

Please note: this film contains scenes of strong violence, rape and sexual violence towards women, torture and mutilation.

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