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Ingmar Bergman: A definitive film season

The Human Condition

February 2018

Bergman was fascinated by how humans cope with suffering, injustice, mortality and uncertainty.

  • Philosophical Screens: Bergman and the Cinema of Existence

    Philosophical Screens: Bergman and the Cinema of Existence

    Join our invited film-philosophers as they tackle Bergman’s big questions.

  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal

    Bergman’s allegorical drama stars Max von Sydow as a knight trying to elude his own death.

  • The Virgin Spring

    The Virgin Spring

    A stark, stirring tale of a young girl’s rape and her father’s revenge.

  • Torment (aka Frenzy)

    Torment (aka Frenzy)

    A troubled student falls for a shop girl in Bergman’s intense, emotional drama.

  • It Rains on Our Love

    It Rains on Our Love

    An ex-con and a pregnant woman decide to make a go of it, but their relationship has so much stacked against it…

  • Prison (aka Devil’s Wanton)

    Prison (aka Devil’s Wanton)

    Bergman’s highly experimental feature, with its stories within stories, is fascinating.

  • Eve


    Trauma, guilt, pain and restorative relationships – this Bergman script has it all.

  • The Serpent’s Egg

    The Serpent’s Egg

    David Carradine stars as a trapeze artist who mourns his brother with the help of his brother’s ex.

  • From the Life of the Marionettes

    From the Life of the Marionettes

    A horrible crime is seen from multiple perspectives in Bergman’s thought-provoking film.

  • Shame


    A couple on an isolated farm try to go about their business during a civil war, but how long can their idyll last?

  • Fårö Document

    Fårö Document

    Bergman interviews the locals of Fårö in this fascinating documentary.

  • Fårö Document 1979

    Fårö Document 1979

    Bergman revisits some of his previous interviewees – and meets a new generation of islanders.

  • The Devil’s Eye

    The Devil’s Eye

    Bergman’s amusing and beautifully acted variation on the story of Don Juan.


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