• Director

    Maurice Elvey

  • With

    Isobel Elsom, Alfred Abel, Paul Richter

  • UK-Germany 1927. 91min

  • 35mm

  • With live piano accompaniment

Isobel Elsom gives a strong performance as a wife deprived by her child by having technically ‘deserted’ her husband, despite being morally justified in doing so. Her husband, who spent three years in prison for assaulting a man in a jealous rage, finds on release that his wife has fallen in love with his lawyer. The ‘Human’ Law enables him not only to abuse her with impunity, but to gain custody of the ensuing child. Maurice Elvey was having a good year, having just directed Hindle Wakes. This German co-production is in a similar, socially progressive vein, while featuring some impressionistic camera work in the German style.

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