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+ video Q&A

Startlingly impressive and genuinely frightening, this gem was conceived, shot and produced entirely under quarantine.

Image from Host + Q&A

UK 2020
Dir Rob Savage
With Haley Bishop, Radina Drandova, Jemma Moore, Caroline Ward, Emma Webb, Edward Linard
Certificate tbc

During lockdown, a group of six friends decide to spice up their weekly Zoom call by hiring a medium to conduct a virtual séance. The evening starts off with harmless drinking games and paranormal pranks, until they appear to attract the attention of a seemingly real malevolent spirit. Playing out in unsettlingly real time, this spooky homemade gem from British director Rob Savage, was conceived, shot and produced remotely while under quarantine during the UK’s lockdown, requiring the cast to double-up as camera operators, make-up artists and practical effect masters. The result is startlingly impressive, genuinely frightening and guaranteed to leave audiences curious to how they managed it. Host is timely, terrifying and a great testament to the creativity and innovation of the filmmaking team behind it.

Host will screen with a recorded Q&A, in which the cast and crew will share some of their secrets. An extended version of the Q&A is available to watch on the BFI YouTube channel.

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