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Forgotten Black TV Drama

The Hope and the Glory + Nice

Enjoy these offbeat but compelling dramas from two outstanding writers.

Image from The Hope and the Glory + Nice

The Hope and the Glory

BBC 1984
Dir Graeme Harper
With Rudolph Walker, Maurice Denham, Carmen Munroe

Sam (Walker) is a quiet London Transport worker who prefers studying law in the evenings to socialising, until he meets Joe (Denham), a lonely elderly neighbour. But their growing friendship is tested when Joe takes Sam along to his local club. Caryl Phillips’ poignant drama is a masterpiece of understated writing.

+ Nice

Here and Now on Four
Channel 4-Central TV 1984
Dir Michael Hayes
With Norman Beaton

In Mustapha Matura’s acerbic and offbeat dramatic monologue, the charismatic Norman Beaton is outstanding as a well-mannered man who’s tested to the limit as he struggles to come to terms with life in the ‘Mother Country’.


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