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International Women’s Day Preview: Happy as Lazzaro

Lazzaro felice

A happy-go-lucky peasant gets embroiled in a kidnapping scheme in this genre-bending film.

Image from International Women’s Day Preview: Happy as Lazzaro

Italy-Switzerland-France-Germany 2018
Dir Alice Rohrwacher
With Adriano Tardiolo, Sergi Lopez, Alba Rohrwacher
English subtitles
Certificate tbc
Courtesy of Modern Films

Lazzaro (Tardiolo) lives in an isolated village ruled with an iron fist by the cruel Marchesa. He’s a happy-go-lucky peasant whose sweet nature gets mistaken for simple-mindedness by people around him – including the Marchesa’s petulant son Tancredi, who embroils Lazzaro in a kidnapping scheme to steal his mother’s money. Rohrwacher follows up The Wonders with a time and genre-bending meld of themes, allegories, and pop-culture and folk references.

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Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation (MSFF)


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