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February-March 2018

Revisit cherished classics and discover trailblazing women filmmakers in our season celebrating female friendships.

Introduction by season co-programmers Isabel Stevens and Anna Bogutskaya



Part 1 (February)

“Female friendship has been the bedrock of women’s lives for as long as there have been women”
Rebecca Traister, journalist and author

Let’s hear it for the badass buddies, the inseparable gal-pals, the obsessive duos and the wisecracking girl gangs of cinema. Have we seen enough of them on the big screen? No. But are they out there? Hell, yes. Encompassing fiction, animation and documentary, features and shorts from all over the world, this two-month season celebrates the complexity of female friendships on screen, from the silent era to today. Films about female friends matter – just like real-life girlfriends – because they foreground intricate psychological portraits of women. These films are a tonic for the soul if you watch them on your own, but they’re even better if you bring your BFF or your posse along for the ride.

Isabel Stevens and Anna Bogutskaya

Part 2 (March)

“But enough about me, let’s talk about you... what do YOU think of me?”

Go Martha and Nikki, Lorelei and Dorothy, Romy and Michele, CC and Hillary, Amelia and Laura. In the second month of our showcase of on-screen gal pals, women are front and centre in all their fierce complexity; laughing, dancing, bitching, scheming, and generally doing whatever the hell they want! For every dance and makeover montage, these films go deep into the often misunderstood dynamics of female friendships. These films put female interests, issues, fears and lives at their heart, from borderline obsessive besties to the power plays of teen girl gangs, and they celebrate the spaces we create for ourselves. The spaces where we are enough.

Isabel Stevens and Anna Bogutskaya


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