Márta Mészáros

The Girl

Eltávozott nap

Striking black and white images highlight social contrasts as a young woman searches for the mother she never knew.

The screening on Mon 5 July will be preceded by a talk, Introducing Márta Mészáros, the price of which is included in that ticket.

Image from The Girl

Hungary 1968
Dir Márta Mészáros
With Kati Kovács, Teri Horváth, Ádám Szirtes, Jácint Juhász
English subtitles

This is the first Hungarian feature film directed by a woman. Mészáros’ assured, award-winning fiction debut sees talent-show winner and rock singer Kati Kovács in the central role of a young woman who leaves a state orphanage to seek her mother. Revealing herself both vulnerable and self-aware, she struggles to understand rejection as well as the stark contrasts between urban and rural life.