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Big screen classics


Two newlyweds find it hard to settle into their new home, the location of a murder 20 years prior.

Image from Gaslight

UK 1940
Dir Thorold Dickinson
With Anton Walbrook, Diana Wynyard, Frank Pettingell
Certificate PG

Despite MGM’s attempts to dispose of it so as not to rival their lavish remake four years later, Thorold Dickinson’s Gaslight thankfully survives. Newlyweds Paul and Bella arrive at a house that has been empty for years, having previously been the scene of a murder, and it soon becomes clear to Bella that her new home has been vacant for good reason. Gaslight has a sense of menace that enthrals throughout.

The screening on Wednesday 16 January will be introduced by Nathalie Morris, BFI National Archive Curator.


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