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Chinese New Year

UK Premiere: The Fragile House

+ intro by Filming East

Hai shang cheng shi

A family drama takes place across New Year’s Eve, and money is at the heart of it.

Image from UK Premiere: The Fragile House + intro by Filming East

China 2018
Dir Lin Zi
With Zeng Xiaolian, Wei Heqing, Xiao Jie, Sang Guosheng, Ren Yuyu
English subtitles

This visually inventive directorial debut offers a fresh take on the traditional genre of the Chinese New Year film. Money and familial attachments collide when Huang CuiYing’s younger sister drops by on New Year’s Eve demanding repayment of a debt. Lin Zi takes the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar and uses it to reflect on the concept of ‘family,’ which is under fire in the struggle for profit in modern China.

Image from Filming East Festival


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