• Director

    Jack Hill

  • With

    Pam Grier, Antonio Fargas, Peter Brown, Terry Carter, Kathryn Loder, Harry Holcombe, Sid Haig, Juanita Brown, Sally Ann Stroud, Bob Minor, Tony Giorgio

  • USA 1974. 91min

  • Digital

Drug kingpin Steve Elias is the slick villain responsible for the murder of Foxy’s undercover narcotics agent boyfriend Michael and her brother Link. Seeking revenge, Foxy goes undercover to infiltrate Elias’ cartel, part of which is run by a madame named Katherine. Foxy endures sexism and racism, but she out-foxes everyone in the end. Made as a follow-up to the successful Coffy, Grier once again finds herself in the role of an avenging archangel battling predatory drug dealers who prey on urban African Americans.

Contains scenes of racism, graphic violence and sexual violence that some viewers may find distressing.

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