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London Short Film Festival 2019

Fishing With John

+ Skype Q&A with John Lurie

Rediscover this deadpan series where musician John Lurie takes celebrities fishing.

Image from Fishing With John + Skype Q&A with John Lurie

Total runtime 165min

John Lurie’s Fishing with John is a charmingly deadpan (mis)adventure where the likes of Tom Waits and Willem Dafoe are coerced into a variety of ill-prepared fishing trips by the now mythically elusive, cult actor-musician-painter Lurie.

Acting as a surreal forbear to the ‘scripted reality’ shows of the Noughties, and pitched somewhere between a Discovery Channel travelogue and a hipsterised Beckett play, Fishing with John is a curiously heartwarming affair, mixing absurd high-stakes drama with laconically droll improvisation in a unique ode to friendship, danger and reckless fishing techniques.

We are delighted to welcome Lurie for a post-screening satellite Q&A.


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