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First Cow

A subtle and touching tale of brotherhood and new beginnings.

Image from First Cow

Image: Allyson Riggs-A24

USA 2019
Dir Kelly Reichardt
With John Magaro, Orion Lee, Toby Jones, Ewen Bremner
Certificate tbc
A MUBI release

A subtle and touching tale of brotherhood from acclaimed director Kelly Reichardt. Otis ‘Cookie’ Figowitz (Magaro), a cook, and King-Lu (Lee), a Chinese worker, meet by chance in Oregon Country in the 1820s and soon become friends. Like others around them, they hope to make their fortunes on the American frontier and start a business selling cakes made with milk from the first cow that has recently arrived at their trading post. The only snag is that the cow belongs to a wealthy Englishman (Jones) and they must tread carefully. With her usual sharp eye for American stories, Kelly Reichardt teamed up with her frequent cinematographer Christopher Blauvelt and her long-time writing collaborator Jonathan Raymond (whose novel they co-adapt here) to create a tender, meticulous and affecting take on new beginnings and male friendship.

Aga Baranowska, Events Programmer

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