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The Films of Expo67 + discussion

Montreal’s spectacularly successful world exhibition of 1967 is explored in these artist films.

Image from The Films of Expo67 + discussion

Total runtime 110min

‘In nearly every pavilion of Montreal’s spectacularly successful world exhibition [...] there is film, film, film unreeling.’ (Time, July 1967). Sometimes dubbed the first ‘McLuhanesque’ world’s fair, Expo67 provided a unique forum for cinematic interactions with other arts, media and new technologies. The works we screen here offer a fascinating mix of classic and rediscovered footage from 1967: rare competition-winning films by Pavel Prochazka and Jan Svankmajer; Expo commissions by Graeme Ferguson (Polar Life), Charles Gagnon (The Eighth Day), and Robert Cordier (Miracles in Modern Medicine). The programme also includes two new films inspired by Expo: Ian Helliwell’s Expo67 – An Audiovisual Collage, and Philip Hoffman and Eva Kolcze’s By the time we got to Expo. The post-screening discussion will be hosted by Craig Moyes (CQFCS, University of London), Janine Marchessault (University of York) and Monika Kin Gagnon (Concordia University) with filmmakers Robert Cordier, Philip Hoffman and Ian Helliwell.

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