• Director

    Roviros Manthoulis

  • With

    Costas Messaris, Eleni Stavropoulou, Theano Ioannidou, Labros Kotsiris

  • Greece 1967. 85min

  • Digital 4K (restoration)

  • Greek, German and English with English subtitles

Dimitris, a young working-class tutor, has two weeks to teach English to the daughter of a nouveau riche family in Athens. He experiences the family’s affluent lifestyle in their labyrinthine penthouse while, in the streets, the social and political crisis develops into what will lead to the Generals’ Coup. Manthoulis’ fierce and innovative social satire was banned in its native country by the same colonels who forced the man himself into exile.

Restored in 4K in 2022 by Tainiothiki Tis Ellados at L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory and Costas Varibopiotis Sound Studio laboratories, from the 35mm original negative.