• Director

    David Lynch

  • With

    Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart

  • USA 1977. 89min

  • Digital

  • Certificate


David Lynch’s debut feature takes us into the heart of a bleak industrial wasteland, exploring the grotesque underbelly of modern life and the nuclear family through body horror and surrealism. The film expertly crafts a sense of unease that is enhanced by Lynch and Alan Splet’s chilling sound design. Join us after the screening to reflect upon the film through a neurodivergent lens.

Content warning: Contains strong gore and disturbing surreal imagery.

The post screening discussion will be led by filmmaker Georgia Kumari Bradburn of the Neurocultures Collective and the Autism Through Cinema Podcast.

Relaxed screenings are presented each month for neurodivergent audiences, with their companions and assistants. More detailed information can be found at bfi.org.uk/relaxed.

Tickets £3.

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