Robert Altman

Dr T & The Women

Altman’s bright and breezy comedy sees a Dallas gynaecologist plunged into chaos as he tries to satisfy all the demands made of him by the many women in his life.

Image from Dr T & The Women

Image: Park Circus

USA 2000
Dir Robert Altman
With Richard Gere, Farrah Fawcett, Kate Hudson, Helen Hunt, Laura Dern
Certificate 12A

Written by Anne Rapp (Cookie’s Fortune), this bright, breezy comedy centres on a successful Dallas gynaecologist (Gere) busy dealing with his demanding socialite clients, his wife (Fawcett) and about-to-wed daughter (Hudson). When his attempts to find relaxation on the golf course bring him into contact with the attractive pro (Hunt), chaos ensures... A celebration of Texan womanhood in all its variety.