• Director

    Ben Palmer

  • With

    Hugh Bonneville, Karen Gillan, Ben Miles, Alex Kingston, Nick Mohammed, Simon Russell Beale

  • ITV/SkyShowtime 2024. Episode 1 & 2 82min. Total running time 130min

Written by globally renowned screenwriter Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Sherlock), Douglas Is Cancelled introduces us to middle-aged current affairs news anchor Douglas Bellowes. Behind the scenes, Douglas needs constant reassurance from his younger, tech-savvy, social-media-aware co-anchor, Madeline. A national treasure, he can seemingly do no wrong, until he makes an ill-advised joke at his cousin’s wedding. During the on-going digital storm, Douglas’s alleged indiscretion is blown out of all proportion and he struggles to escape the controversy. In this chaotic and increasingly unmanageable situation, can Douglas count on the support of his agent and colleagues?

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