• Directors

    Joseph Pelling, Becky Sloan, Baker Terry

  • With

    Joseph Pelling, Becky Sloan, Baker Terry

  • UK 2022. Episodes 1 and 2. Total runng time 105min.

  • Presented by Channel 4 & the BFI YACF, produced by Blink Industries

This puppet musical extravaganza from Blink Industries is part-educational programming, part-existential nightmare. A mixed-media trip that moves from kids’ show pastiche to fever-dream horror in the blink of an eye. Building on the cult YouTube show, which has been viewed over a quarter of a billion times, the Channel 4 series, available exclusively on All 4 in September 2022, will follow Red Guy, Yellow Guy and Duck as they continue their disastrous learning journey. Helmed by the original creators it has been supported by the BFI Young Audiences Content Fund.

Joint ticket available with Channel 4: Who Needs Channel 4? £15, concessions £12 (Members pay £2 less). Book in person at the box office or by phone on 020 7928 3232.

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