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+ Q&A with writer-director James Dearden, actor Cherie Lunghi and producer Laurence Myers

Later re-written as Fatal Attraction, Diversion is the tale of a nightmarish one-night stand.

Image from Diversion + Q&A with writer-director James Dearden

UK 1979
Dir James Dearden
With Cherie Lunghi, Stephen Moore, Morag Hood

In 1979 James Dearden wrote and directed a short film that changed the course of his career. Diversion recounts the tale of a married man who has a one-night stand which propels him into a nightmarish situation. Sound familiar? It should: Paramount commissioned Dearden to rewrite it as a feature and, renamed Fatal Attraction, it became 1987’s highest grossing film globally, with six Oscar nominations. Diversion disappeared from view amid rumours of the studio taking it out of circulation. This premiere of the digital remastering of the film is accompanied by a discussion with Dearden as well as with actor Cherie Lunghi and producer Laurence Myers.


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