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Tilda Swinton

The Deep End

The film that launched Swinton’s Hollywood career is a taut, Hitchcockian thriller about a mother in dire straits.

Image from The Deep End

USA 2001
Dirs Scott McGehee, David Siegel
With Tilda Swinton, Goran Visnjic, Jonathan Tucker, Peter Donat
Certificate 15

This taut Hitchcockian thriller, which reveals a gruesome underside to smalltown middle-class America, launched Swinton’s Hollywood career. In it she plays an ordinary housewife single-handedly juggling childcare and an ailing father-in-law while struggling to pay a blackmail ransom. Her impeccably naturalistic and touching performance as this harassed but steely mother anchors the film’s ingenious twists, while never letting any hint of sentimentality in.


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