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London Short Film Festival 2019

The Contouring of Deafhoods + Q&A

A programme of short films looking at how each D/deaf person moves through different communities.

A BSL Q&A with English interpretation, led by LSFF programmer Zoe McWhinney in discussion with filmmakers Ted Evans (To Know Him) and Louise Stern (Boat), will follow the screening.

Image from The Contouring of Deafhoods + Q&A

Total runtime 99min

Looking to how D/deaf people negotiate the world around them, moving through society and shaping themselves to pockets of community, this programme takes us from the cities and coasts of England to the refugee camps of the Sahara to the thick greenery of New Zealand. We prise out conversations on how culture, circumstance, race and gender relate to our D/deafnesses, as ambitions, estrangement and reconciliations unfold.

UK. Dir Cristina Isoli. 18min

US/UK. Dir Louise Stern. 22min

Words of Caramel
Spain. Dir Juan Antonio Moreno. 20min

New Zealand. Dir Jared Flitcroft/Jack O’Donnell. 9min

To Know Him
UK. Dir Ted Evans. 28min

With BSL Q&A and English interpretation provided.

Programmed by LSFF’s Young Deaf programmer Zoë McWhinney and presented in partnership with The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT), which commissions television programmes made in British Sign Language by Deaf people for Deaf people. Visit bslzone.co.uk to find out more about BSLBT and access hundreds of completely free to view BSL films.

Image from BSL Zone


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