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TV Preview: The City and the City

+ Q&A with writer Tony Grisoni and actors David Morrissey and Mandeep Dhillon

Tony Grisoni’s TV adaptation of a bestselling novel about two dangerously intertwined cities.

Image from TV Preview: The City and the City + Q&A

BBC Two-Mammoth Screen 2018
Dir Tom Shankland
With David Morrissey, Lara Pulver, Mandeep Dhillon, Maria Schrader
Ep1 60min

When the body of a foreign student is discovered in the streets of the down-at-heel city of Besz´el, it’s just another day’s work for Inspector Tyador Borlú (Morrissey) of the Extreme Crime Squad. But he uncovers evidence that the murdered girl came from Ul Qoma, a city that shares a dangerous and volatile relationship with Besz´el, and this case will challenge everything Borlú holds dear. Tony Grisoni’s new four-part adaptation of China Miéville’s mind-bending novel is directed by Tom Shankland (Les Misérables, The Missing) and boasts a fine ensemble cast.


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