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The Cave

Fayyad’s powerful film captures the experience of heroic women (literally) hidden below the surface of the Syrian Civil War.

Denmark-Syria-Germany-USA-Qatar 2019
Dir Feras Fayyad
English subtitles
Certificate 15
A Dogwoof release

Feras Fayyad (Last Men in Aleppo) returns to his native Syria to observe the lives of a team of female doctors operating in ‘The Cave’, one of the secret subterranean hospitals providing medical care to the trapped, war-torn population. In addition to the daily horrors of chemical warfare, the remarkable women battle through ingrained cultural sexism with tireless dedication. This intimate and poignant documentary, selected for this year’s Documentary Special Presentation at the London Film Festival, beautifully captures vital moments of compassion and camaraderie in the face of devastation and tragedy.

Kimberley Sheehan, Events Programmer


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