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Forgotten Black TV Drama

Carbon Copy + Black Feet in the Snow

Two contrasting dramas from the mid-70s, about the struggles faced by Caribbean settlers in the UK.

Image from Carbon Copy + Black Feet in the Snow

Carbon Copy

Against the Crowd
ITV 1975
Dir Piers Haggard
With Don Warrington, Nadia Cattouse, Cleo Sylvestre, Judy Campbell

In Howard Schuman’s contribution to the Against the Crowd series, Jamaican Albert Sharpe II (Warrington) is no longer at ease with the cultured white family who have virtually adopted him.

+ Black Feet in the Snow

Open Door
BBC 1974
Dir Brian Skilton
With Shango Baku

Written and narrated by Jamal Ali, this impressionistic, innovative drama shows how Britain – ‘The Promised Land’ – offered only frustration and rejection to Caribbean settlers in the 1950s.


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