• Director

    Oumarou Ganda

  • With

    Oumarou Ganda, Zalika Souley

  • France-Niger 1968. 45min

  • Digital

  • English subtitles

In this compelling drama, which was selected for Cannes International Critics’ Week in 1969, Ganda cast himself as a Senegalese rifleman enlisted in the Indochina War. It was a response to Jean Rouch’s Moi, un noir, in which Ganda appeared.

+ Rhodesia Countdown

  • Director

    Michael Raeburn

  • Rhodesia 1969. 34min

  • Digital

Raeburn’s film, also screened in Cannes 1969 – in the Directors’ Fortnight – is a scathing political satire of Rhodesian attitudes on the eve of a civil war. It’s a film that presaged the independent Republic of Zimbabwe, which was established in 1980.