T A P E presents: But Where Are You Really From?

July 2021

A season of films celebrating filmmakers who redefine, reject and re-establish identity and heritage labels.


  • Eyimofe


    Two chapters, two people, and dreams of a new life in two different countries.

  • Pinky


    Early Hollywood exploration into the racial social drama at the height of the genre’s popularity.

  • The Namesake

    The Namesake

    A family drama of tangled ties between generations and their struggle to belong.

  • The Namesake + live spoken-word performance

    The Namesake + live spoken-word performance

    A family drama of tangled ties between generations and their struggle to belong.

  • Black Girl

    Black Girl

    Dreams of adventure abroad turn to ashes for a young woman leaving Senegal behind.

  • While We Live

    While We Live

    A family moves to Gambia, confusing it with a return home.

  • Lilting


    Two strangers, divided by language, are brought together by loss.

  • Binti


    Binti lives in hiding while dreaming of becoming a vlogger.

  • Burning an Illusion

    Burning an Illusion

    A seminal Black British love story of personal and political discovery.

  • Shoot the Messenger + Q&A

    Shoot the Messenger + Q&A

    A man denying his black identity finds himself rejected by those he aims to appease.

  • What Will People Say

    What Will People Say

    Fearing assimilation, Nisha’s parents send her to live in Pakistan.

  • Head-On


    The doomed marriage of convenience between Sibel and Cahit.

  • Culture Shock: Short Film Programme + Q&A with UNDR LNDN

    Culture Shock: Short Film Programme + Q&A with UNDR LNDN

    A selection of short films selected from submissions responding to the theme of ‘But Where Are You Really From?’

  • In Conversation with Nikesh Shukla

    In Conversation with Nikesh Shukla

    The acclaimed author joins us to discuss his latest book, Brown Baby: A Memoir of Race, Family and Home.


‘The question seems simple but the answer’s kinda long, I could tell ‘em Wembley but I don’t think that’s what they want’
Riz Ahmed, The Long Goodbye

For the past few years T A P E Collective has programmed events around the themes of identity and heritage, observing the different ways in which filmmakers of mixed heritage attempt to respond to the question: ‘But where are you really from?’ It’s a universal sentiment experienced by those who have their feet in two worlds, exploring code-switching, losing a language and the whitewashing of names – all resulting in the ‘othering’ in one’s own country; whether it be the first, second or third one. Now, this tongue-in-cheek nod to anyone who’s been asked the question is presented as a season exploring the nuances of being of mixed heritage. It brings together classics like Fatih Akin’s heart-wrenching Head-On, Elia Kazan’s Pinky (which set a trend with ‘passing’ films), and recent releases such as the Esiri brothers’ Eyimofe, plus talks and an open-submission short film programme.

All copy by season curators Angela Moneke, Nellie Alston and Isra Al Kassi

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T A P E was founded in 2015 as a response to the lack of representation on screen. Find out more about this curatorial collective at tapecollective.co.uk