Big screen classics

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

A sharp but gentle take on the California ‘swingers’ scene of the late 60s.

Image from Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

USA 1969
Dir Paul Mazursky
With Natalie Wood, Robert Culp, Elliott Gould, Dyan Cannon
Certificate 15

Paul Mazursky’s sharp but gentle satire on the free-love ethos that swept parts of California in the late 60s centres on two couples – one arty and ‘liberated’, the other more strait-laced – flirting (or not) with the appeal of ‘open relationships’. Funny, touching (the friendship between the four feels genuine), and very well acted, the film also boasts a score by Quincy Jones.

The screening on Wednesday 18 August will feature a pre-recorded intro by Julie Lobalzo Wright, University of Warwick.