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Black to Front

+ Q&A with special guests TBA

Special guests discuss Channel 4’s TV takeover day showcasing Black talent.

We regret that, due to circumstances beyond our control, this event is cancelled. We apologise for any disappointment.

Image from Black to Front + Q&A with special guests TBA

Total runtime 75min

To amplify the conversations around representation and diversity in the industry, Channel 4 will disrupt its regular schedule this September to broadcast one complete day of television showcasing Black talent both on and off screen. From entertainment, comedy and drama to the news, ‘Black to Front’ will feature new commissions and reimagine some of Channel 4’s biggest mainstream shows to focus on Black talent and representation. For this special event – illustrated with clips – we invite a panel of guests to discuss opportunities for Black talent, and what this major TV takeover aims to achieve.

Please check back here for guest announcements.

Black to Front can be seen on Channel 4 this September.