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RW Fassbinder

The Bitter Tears of Fassbinder’s Women: A Symposium

Explore Fassbinder’s creative and personal relationships with women in this fascinating symposium.

Image from The Bitter Tears of Fassbinder’s Women: A Symposium

Total runtime 210min

‘What I want to say about society, I can say better with women characters’ - Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Stories of female desire, pain, and resilience are at the heart of Fassbinder’s films. The glamorous divas, heartbroken cleaners, rebellious housewives, and transsexual sex workers that populate his cinematic world were forged in the heat of vital (and sometimes turbulent) creative collaborations with female actors who would return again and again to work with him. Join us at this essential symposium to explore Fassbinder’s complex creative and personal entanglements with key female actor-collaborators (such as Hanna Schygulla, Margit Carstensen, Brigitte Mira and Irm Hermann), and the mixture of cruelty, fascination and empathy he showed for his vital and compelling female characters.


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