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Big screen classics

The Big Lebowski

+ intro by Geoff Andrew, Programmer-at-large

Bowling, mistaken identity, surrealism and slacker humour: this Coens classic has it all.

Image from The Big Lebowski

USA-UK 1998
Dir Joel Coen
With Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi
Certificate 18

Set in early 1990s LA, the Coens’ exhilaratingly imaginative, extremely funny tribute to the novels of Raymond Chandler finds ex-hippy stoner the Dude (Bridges) forlornly caught up in – and trying to solve – the kidnapping of his wealthy namesake’s young wife. Taking advice from his likewise bowling-addicted friends is undoubtedly not the Dude’s best way to go down these particular mean streets...

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