• Director

    Nouri Bouzid

  • With

    Ghalya Lacroix, Abdellatif Kechiche, Ahmed Ragoubi, Jacques Penot

  • France-Tunisia-Germany 1992. 110min

  • Digital

  • English subtitles

Set in the scenic coastal city of Sousse, this controversial and thought-provoking drama follows the fate of Roufa, a young man who dreams of escape to Europe. He is a sex worker who appeals to tourists’ desire for the exotic, although he remains betrothed to Khomsa. She in turn attracts the attentions of a visiting photographer. One of the first Arab films to deal with gay themes and gender segregation, it also grapples with the destructive impact of Western tourism on Tunisian society.

The screening of Bezness on Monday 1 July will include an introduction.