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Stanley Kubrick

Barry Lyndon

In this beautifully shot period drama, Kubrick charts a young man’s rise and fall in the 18th century.

Image from Barry Lyndon

UK-USA 1975
Dir Stanley Kubrick
With Ryan O’Neal, Marisa Berenson, Patrick Magee, Hardy Kruger
Digital (6, 12 May)
Certificate 12A

Kubrick adapted William Thackeray’s The Luck of Barry Lyndon and in his hands, the eponymous mock-heroic soldier of fortune becomes the plaything of fate. Ryan O’Neal is deliberately awkward and at times blank as Kubrick’s Lyndon, who embarks on a tour of 18th-century Europe, encountering battles, gambling houses and stately homes in pursuit of wealth, title and a family to call his own. His rise and fall are charted as a study of self-destruction amidst social ritual and class attitudes.

See the screening on Tuesday 30 April 19:00 featuring an introduction by actor, writer and director, Dominic Savage, who played Young Bullingdon.


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