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This Was Tomorrow: Broadcasting the arts - Architecture on TV

June 2017

Excavating the stories buried within the built environment challenges our view of the past, present and personal.

Introduction by season curator Matthew Harle

Architecture on TV


“To isolate architecture is blindness, and an abjuration of responsibility”
Jonathan Meades

This instalment of Broadcasting the Arts explores the rise and fall of Britain’s post-war spatial imagination, as seen through the BFI’s television archive. It features films that document the lost futures of the 1960s, critique the vilification of modernist tower blocks, and draw intimate portraits of the key thinkers, designers and writers that have shaped our experience of cities. The season reveals contrasting sides of the same story: it celebrates the experimental spirit and ambition behind the modern movement, and considers its reverse – the contested legacy of postwar city planning and the people who were left behind. This is an investigation into visionaries and their interpreters, from principle figures of the architectural modernism like Le Corbusier and Buckminster Fuller, to its most imaginative critics: Jonathan Meades, Stuart Hall and John Berger.


Part of the London Festival of Architecture, 1-30 June.

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London Festival of Architecture


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