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Maurice Pialat and the New French Realism

À Nos amours

To Our Loves

Don’t miss Sandrine Bonnaire’s stunning debut as a promiscuous teenager in one of Pialat’s greatest films.

Image from À Nos amours

France 1983
Dir Maurice Pialat
With Sandrine Bonnaire, Maurice Pialat, Evelyne Kerr, Cyril Collard
English subtitles

Like Loulou, the script of À Nos amours was by Arlette Langmann, Pialat’s one-time collaborator and lover, and was based on her own life as a promiscuous teenage girl dealing with her tempestuous family and various partners. During the casting, Pialat discovered future French star Sandrine Bonnaire and gave her the lead role in one his most affecting and vibrant films.


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