Woman with a Movie Camera

Preview: Anatomy of Wings

+ pre-recorded Q&A

A powerful and inspiring documentary, 12 years in the making.

Image from Preview: Anatomy of Wings + pre-recorded Q&A

USA 2020
Dirs Kirsten D’Andrea Hollander, Nikiea Redmond

In 2008 a group of Black girls in Baltimore signed up to an after-school programme, Wings, where they were taught filmmaking. Over the next 11 years it became not just a learning experience for them, but also a second family, where they were able to have honest conversations about their lives. As we follow the girls through their teens and into adulthood, we’re given a frank and authentic look not just at the experiences of young Black women, but at the way in which filmmaking becomes an outlet for them to tell their stories.

Programmed by Grace Barber-Plentie

A completely collaborative project between the Wings coordinators and participants, Anatomy of Wings is a touching and powerful story of community and authorship.

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