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Big screen classics

L’Age d’or

Buñuel’s controversial surrealist classic about sexual desire oppressed by ‘civilised’ society.

Image from L’Age d’or

France 1930
Dir Luis Buñuel
With Lya Lys, Gaston Modot, Max Ernst, Pierre Prévert
English subtitles
Certificate 15

Co-written by the director and Salvador Dali, this classic of cinematic surrealism follows a couple whose desperate attempts to consummate their passion are repeatedly frustrated by the stalwart pillars of civilisation: the law, the bourgeoisie and, of course, the church. Corrosive black humour and consistent visual and narrative invention produce a film that still manages to delight and shock in equal measure.

+ Porky’s Romance
USA 1937. Dir Frank Tashlin. 8min
A lovely Looney Tunes contemplation on the consequences of love, as experienced by Porky when he falls head-over-trotters for Petunia Pig. She, needless to say, is unimpressed.


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