• Director

    Tim Whelan

  • With

    Clive Brook, Ann Todd, Margaretta Scott, Morton Selten

  • UK 1937. 83min

  • 35mm

  • Certificate


  • A BFI National Archive Print

Mary Borden’s novel about a military hero accused of cheating at cards was just the kind of British theme that appealed to Alexander Korda’s London Films, and he quickly snapped up the rights. Clive Brook was the natural choice for the firm-jawed hero forced to defend his honour in court. Ann Todd is convincing as his betrayed wife, despite being 20 years younger than her screen husband, while Margaretta Scott does some excellent vamping as the other woman. This compelling drama was perhaps a bit too ‘stiff upper lip’ for export, but it remains an absorbing examination of the codes of military duty and morality.

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