• Director

    Zózimo Bulbul

  • Brazil 1988. 153min. Total running time 190min

  • Digital

  • English subtitles

This is a rare screening of the film by actor and director Zózimo Bulbul, a key figure in the progressive, political Black movement in Brazil, who worked with renowned filmmakers such as Glauber Rocha (Black God, White Devil) and Ola Balogun (Black Goddess). This epic documentary marks 135 years since slavery was abolished in Brazil, on 13 May 1888 (Abolition Act Day). Combining archive material and interviews with historians, government ministers, artists, sports people and street-dwellers, it presents a complex portrait of the Black experience over the course of the last century.

The event is hosted by Victor Fraga of DMovies.

Some sequences and images in this film may cause distress.

Tickets £6.50.