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35 Shots of Rum

35 Rhums

Claire Denis’ wondrously delicate, impressionistic portrait of a father and daughter facing changes in their lives.

Image from 35 Shots of Rum

France-Germany 2008
Dir Claire Denis
With Alex Descas, Mati Diop, Grégoire Colin, Nicole Dogué
English subtitles
Certificate 12A

A highlight of Denis’ impressive career, this understated domestic drama – inspired by Ozu’s Late Spring – centres on the fond, faintly fraught relationship between a widowed Parisian train driver (Descas) and his daughter (Diop, director of 2019’s Atlantics), still living at home and perhaps loath to leave... The gentle, impressionistic narrative, Agnès Godard’s lyrical camerawork and the quiet performances are rich in resonance.

The screening on Wed 28 Jul will feature a pre-recorded intro by Be Manzini, poet and director of Caramel Film Club